Uniform Standards

Military Creases

Military creases do make a sharper image of the cadet who takes the time to iron in those creases.  When in uniform, your appearance is not only a direct reflection on yourself, it is also a reflection on your unit and the NSCC as a whole. Like everything else in the Navy there is a reason why uniforms have creases.  Since space is limited on a ship, all sailors are taught in recruit training how to fold their clothes, from dress uniform all the way down to skivvies.

When dress uniforms are ironed, make sure the uniforms are inside out so that the creases are inverted when you put it on. The dress Blues and Whites are folded and ironed the same way.  When pressing dress whites & dress blues, they are folded and ironed in exactly the same method as depicted in the image below. Also, make sure to use a damp sheet between your uniform and the iron as the fabric in your uniform may melt if the iron is too hot. A damp sheet also helps to create steam for crisp creases.

Name Tapes

Diagram showing how the name tapes are sewn on the Utility Shirt.  The NSCC flashes will be worn by Officers, Midshipmen, Instructors and NSCC Cadets. NSCC/NLCC Flash with an eagle facing to the left (inward) will be sewn on the right breast pocket. See the picture below. A mini flash will be worn on the cover.

Insignia’s (Dress Uniforms)

How to tie a Neckerchief

 Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Sleeve Roll

This step by step guide shows the proper way to roll the sleeves on the Navy Working Uniform.

  1. Button your blouse lay it flat on the ground buttons down, grab the bottom.
  2. Ensure cuff is fully extended and the cuff is fastened to the first button.
  3. Turn sleeve inside out
  4. Slide cuff up to and over sleeve pocket.
  5. Continue to smooth fabric and remove any wrinkles throughout entire folding process.
  6. Fold outer edge of sleeve to estimated midpoint of light colored material.
  7. Folds must be less than 3 inches to ensure the final fold will completely cover any light colored material.
  8. Fold new outer edge of sleeve to bottom of the cuff.
  9. Continue to smooth fabric to aid folding.
  10. Fold the cuff over light colored material of sleeve.
  11. Tweak and peak fabric and ensure all folds are completely hidden underneath cuff. Once completed rolled sleeve will form a 3″ wide band.
  12. Repeat steps for the other sleeve.
This fashion of rolling the sleeves is designed to allow cadets to be able to quickly unroll them.